PUKAR is an independent research collective and an urban knowledge production centre based in Mumbai that conducts multi-sectoral, cross-disciplinary, community-based participatory research on issues related to urbanization and globalization.


PUKAR aims to create a world class incubator for producing knowledge, ideas and innovation about inclusive and sustainable global cities through the lens of the youth.

– Democratise research
– Broaden access to knowledge for the marginalized youth
– Help create an agency for the youth for empowering them with research and knowledge-building capacities
– Use research as a tool for learning, advocacy for an intervention in their community and transformation of self, community and city

PUKAR’s Niche:
– Collaborative research projects
– Focus on subaltern communities
– Cross-learning for urban knowledge creation
– Working at the intersection of academic research and community-based participatory research
– Sustaining movement of Barefoot Researchers

Research Rubric:
– Urban Youth and Knowledge Production
– Urbanism: Spatial Utopia and Contested Realities
– Healthy Cities, Wealthy Cities

Trained 3000 Barefoot Researchers
Published 2 Books
Engaged with 300 Communities
Reached out to 10,000 people
Conducted 300 research projects
100+ Audio-Video Content by Barefoot Researchers