Work with us

Work with us

PUKAR welcomes people to contribute their skills, time, talent, and experience through our Volunteer/Intern Program. Those who wish to ‘work’ with us need to complete an “Application for Volunteer Service” and submit it to the Office -Manager.

Volunteers/Interns need to spend at least a cumulative period of 4 weeks with PUKAR to qualify for a volunteering opportunity.

The application will be reviewed within PUKAR. Based on the applicant’s skills he/she will be matched within the organization. An agreement with the applicant will be developed based on the following:

– The scope of the project
– Outline of the tasks involved
– The reporting and review system
– The nature of the final product (written report, oral presentation, or a combination)
– The timetable for completing assigned tasks

Volunteer /Intern Responsibilities


All volunteers/inters must complete a volunteer/intern application form. Based on the organization’s need and the applicant’s areas of interest, skills and time commitment, PUKAR will try to match you with programs that suit your abilities and will arrange an interview. All applicants are subject to application review. Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance as a volunteer/inter with PUKAR. We recommend that you review our website to become familiar with our programs and philosophy.

Work Plan

If the volunteer/intern program match is approved, the project coordinator and volunteer will collaborate to develop a work plan. You will be assigned a work supervisor. For local, short-term volunteers, this will simply consist of the work focus and expectations. For international volunteers and student internships, the plan will include the duration of services, the scope of the project and tasks involved the final product and process of review. This plan will serve as a contract between the individual and PUKAR. Please note that letters of support recognizing the work plan agreement will be issued to international volunteers as needed for their visa requirements. PUKAR assumes that international volunteers will have valid visas that enable them to volunteer in India. PUKAR will request a copy of the passport with the valid visa page for our records.

Time Commitments

Volunteers/interns may contribute to PUKAR in a number of ways, for varying lengths of time. Volunteers/interns assigned to particular events, workshops, or training sessions may commit to brief periods of a few days or weeks. However, to qualify for an opportunity as an international volunteer and student internships, a commitment of at least four cumulative weeks is required. A schedule should be established.


All volunteers must complete an evaluation with their project coordinator at the end of their period of service. Additionally, volunteers will need to submit a feedback from upon the completion of their service with PUKAR. Providing thorough feedback enables PUKAR to strengthen its volunteer programs.

Field Work

For volunteers interested in conducting fieldwork, please note you must be competent in the local language arrange for someone to translate for you. Language proficiency is necessary in order to effectively interact with the communities we work with.

Volunteer /Intern Policies


PUKAR volunteers/inters will receive a certificate upon completion of their service if requested. Additionally, PUKAR offers recognition to its volunteers through acknowledgement in our publications, as in annual reports or other documents when appropriate. We are happy to provide letters of reference and recommendation in support of those who volunteer/intern with us.


Volunteers/inters may take pre-approved breaks during the course of their service. PUKAR should be informed of these at the time of application.

Reimbursements & Compensation

PUKAR will NOT reimburse its employees and volunteers when work-related travel is required. PUKAR does not provide stipends or any other form of monetary compensation to its volunteers/interns.

Communications & the Media

We request all volunteers/interns to refrain from making any statements about PUKAR, our work or the issues we address during their time with us. If you are approached by anyone requesting a statement, please confirm with your project officer or primary contact person.


Data, reporting materials, and information on those we serve are strictly property of PUKAR. Volunteers/interns are not permitted to share images, data, or material generated during their service with PUKAR. without prior permission. Credit for documentation produced will be provided to our volunteers/interns where applicable.


PUKAR does not enforce a dress code. Volunteers/interns can wear any form of clothing, Indian or Western, which maintains the decorum of our work and demonstrates respect towards the communities we work with.


In case of emergency, please contact your supervisor and primary contact person in PUKAR.


PUKAR conducts its work in a variety of languages. In our offices, employees speak English, Hindi, and Marathi. As many activities are conducted in English, it is not mandatory to speak Hindi or Marathi; however, knowledge in these languages is useful. PUKAR doesn’t have the man-power to provide translators to interns/volunteers.


PUKAR staff members often eat together. Lunch in PUKAR offices is a communal affair, and volunteers/interns try to bring food they can share with their fellow staff members.

Conduct in the Community

PUKAR requests that all volunteers/interns respect the communities they visit through PUKAR and the relationship that the organization has built with community members. This includes using utmost discretion while clicking photographs, gaining consent prior to any video-recording or photography in the community and re-visiting communities only after informing PUKAR.


PUKAR does not provide medical services to its volunteers/interns other than the first aid available at all offices. You will need your own medical insurance in cases of emergency, such as hospitalization or medical evacuation. For general office visits, insurance is not required. If necessary, you can easily access doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies throughout Mumbai. If you live abroad, we advise you to bring your medications from home, and confirm what vaccinations are required for travel to India with your primary care physician. We will help you locate and access medical help at the least possible cost.


PUKAR does not provide housing to volunteers/interns. However, there are a number of rental agencies that can direct you in your housing search.

Termination of Service

Situations may arise when a volunteer/intern needs to terminate his or her service with PUKAR prior to the agreed. In this case, volunteers must provide one week’s notice to their team with reasons for leaving. Additionally, volunteers/interns must brief their project officers on the status of their work.

If you wish to volunteer with PUKAR please download and fill out this form and send it to