PUKAR’s team consists of Associates, Advisors and a Board of Trustees headed by Professor Arjun Appadurai. Associates are a group of young scholars and professionals drawn from different fields including art, architecture, criticism, urban planning, sociology, anthropology, journalism, public health and film. Their ideas and energies drive the day-to-day activities of PUKAR. They are neither employees nor volunteers but partners who imagine and execute capacity building projects for the city whilst furthering their own creative ideas.

PUKAR’s Trustees are drawn from scholars and individuals from various backgrounds who are leaders in their fields. This advisory Team that includes the President and the Board of Trustees-constantly facilitate the exchange of ideas from the local as well as global centers and ensure the presence of key intellectuals, practioneers and activists for direct engagement with Mumbai’s citizens and organizations.

PUKAR’s work is supported by grants from renowned national and international institutions like Sir Ratan Tata Trust (India), The Indo-Dutch Programme for Alternative Development, (IDPAD), The Ford Foundation of India, Rockefeller Foundation, UNESCO, and University of Chicago & Yale University.

PUKAR’s administrative team is headed by Executive Director, Dr. Anita Patil-Deshmukh