Privacy and Public Places

Privacy and Public Places

This is a pioneering global initiative aimed at raising awareness about important urban challenges and inspiring ongoing conversations in cities around the world. The project was developed to look at how lack of space in Mumbai created new definitions of privacy. For the purpose of the student, 800 surveys were conducted in and around 10 public spaces in greater Mumbai. Of these, 400 were conducted in public spaces and 400 were done in homes around these public spaces. GPS points of the interviewee residences were also recorded.

Your Place, My Place or Our Public Space?

PUKAR – BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration 


How do you think about privacy? Have you ever considered what privacy means in relation to yourself, your friends and family, and your communities? The researchers at PUKAR, in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim Lab, have explored these questions with the citizens of Mumbai. This study explores people’s perception of privacy, city and space.

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